Remo 101

Learn the basics of setting up your first event, step by step, with our Remo Event Expert.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS TRAINING PROGRAM: We recommend that you view these videos* in order (rather than skipping around.)

*NOTE: We recently unveiled our new branding and pricing, and are in the process of updating these videos to reflect this. So, while some of the layouts and colors look different, the functionalities remain the same.

Lesson 3: The Landing Page


When your event has been published, the system will take you back to the My events page, where you can view the landing page we just created, which is what your guests will see if they register for your event in advance, and the page they will use to join your event.

Share this event feature will not be present if your event is private.

Navigate back by using the 3 bars to My Events. Scroll down to your upcoming events to find the one we just created.
The 3 line buttons will open a dropdown to enter event. When you click enter event, you’ll be directed to the geartest, which is a test to check your compatibility for your microphone, your camera, your speakers, and your browser, or your system. If it does not pass, click to try again.

The next page will be your floor plan, but the hello and welcome message that we built during our setup section will pop up as a greeting. Click close and your floor plan will display.

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