Remo 101

Learn the basics of setting up your first event, step by step, with our Remo Event Expert.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS TRAINING PROGRAM: We recommend that you view these videos* in order (rather than skipping around.)

*NOTE: We recently unveiled our new branding and pricing, and are in the process of updating these videos to reflect this. So, while some of the layouts and colors look different, the functionalities remain the same.

Lesson 5: Tables, Chat, Green Room & Announcements


When I am at a table, I can only hear the conversation that is happening at my table. To move tables, I hover my mouse over an open spot and I double click to join.

The chat feature. With the chat feature, you can text and share documents. Use the general chat to talk to everybody in the building. You can chat only to the individuals at your table (these messages will disappear when you move from table to table). And, you can also message an individual privately.

Through the chat feature, you are able to upload documents, you can use emojis, or you can send text. And at the end of the event you are able to download your chat by using the export chat feature. This is not available in table chat. Another way you can access the chat feature is by hovering over the business card, and use the message feature to message someone privately.

There is one special section of the floor plan that is unique to the others. This is your green room. The green room is only accessible to event hosts, speakers, and by any guests that you specifically invite. This is the only room that is locked to guests.

The announcements tab is used when you wish to make an announcement to everyone in the event building at the exact same time. Hyperlinks can be included. You’ll click announce and then you’ll hear a ping that gets everyone’s attention.

One good practice is to copy and paste the announcement into the general chat in case someone may have missed it.

Under the More tab, the whiteboard, the timer, and shuffle guests will be discussed in Remo 201.

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