Remo 101

Learn the basics of setting up your first event, step by step, with our Remo Event Expert.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS TRAINING PROGRAM: We recommend that you view these videos* in order (rather than skipping around.)

*NOTE: We recently unveiled our new branding and pricing, and are in the process of updating these videos to reflect this. So, while some of the layouts and colors look different, the functionalities remain the same.

Lesson 9: Post-Event & Downloads


When your event has concluded, you can navigate back to your event settings tab to the post event section.

This is where you can export the guest list of everyone who attended your event in a CSV format. You can also export any of the questions that were submitted during the presentation, and you can download the recordings that you made. The system does keep track of how many megabytes that you have used if your plan has a limitation.

You can also go back into your sponsor banner tab and download the metrics in a CSV format of every individual who clicked the banner to provide ROI back to your sponsors. This will include the name and the email address of the individuals who clicked.

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