Remo 201

Learn how to enhance your events with a tutorial of each of the tools inside Remo. Take your events to the next level!

*NOTE: We recently unveiled our new branding and pricing, and are in the process of updating these videos to reflect this. So, while some of the layouts and colors look different, the functionalities remain the same.

Lesson 8: Custom Floor Plans & Dynamic Banner


There are two ways that you can customize your event for a very large impact. The first is by selecting a custom floor plan inside your event settings 

Remo has a variety of floor plans already loaded into your account for various types of events. Or you can have a custom floor plan that has been created for you by a designer or by a graphics team uploaded to your account (there are self-serve uploads inside your account owner settings or email to

Custom floor plans are a bit complicated because they have multiple layers within an SVG file, but this is a great way to enhance your event, with the only limitation being a file size, your imagination, and your budget. We do have a masterclass on Custom Floor Plans inside the academy.

The guest experience can be improved based on floor plans. This is an example of a classroom. Here is a gala experience from Fun Floor Plans. Here is a sports bar from our friends at Collab. This meeting space with a game room is from Propacts, Unique Floorplan Design has this beautiful rooftop bar. And this is an in-event example of a Fun Floor Plan design with individuals having a meeting at each of their tables. We’ve even had a Remo nightclub from Gatherkin. 

Each one of these floor plans has been able to significantly enhance the guest experience by presenting a familiar environment that, at a glance, is easy to see what a guest should do or how they’re supposed to move around the building and set the tone. 

If you are not sure where to start, we have a marketplace, where you can buy ready-made floor plans from any of our many talented designer partners, or you can contact the designers to commission a custom made floor plan. They can work with you to create a plan that is very specific to either your location, to your organization, or to your use case.

Another way that you can customize space is through the use of dynamic banners. The banners can be static in nature. If you wish to have movement that draws the eye, you can make one with a .GIF. Banners can have a video URL placed inside (either a video feed from a youtube or vimeo url, or you can have a streaming live experience through something like YouTube live, Vimeo live, or a Twitch stream).

You can personalize your space with items that are important for your sponsors, items that are important for your own branding, or instructions/information that you may need to relay to your guests.

As we learned in Remo 101, inside our event settings under “prepare event” is where our banners are found. This is where we can create our banners, but there are many different types of banner combinations that you can use.

So on your floor plan:

  •  You can have a .GIF for movement and with a live stream inside the pop-up, but this can also be a a static image, a video or a gif. 
  • You can also have a call to action button. 
  • If you download your original image with a transparent background, when loaded into Remo, it will look like the logo laid into your floor plan – but will still be dynamic or “clickable”. 
  • You can embed a video with a call to action link that will then redirect you to that new tab when a guest clicks on the CTA.
  • You can have a static image on the outside with a static image on the inside and a call to action link on the inside as well.

Again, to build these go to your event settings, then the prepare tab and then sponsors. Here, you can upload a PNG, JPEG, or GIF. You can add a video, an image URL, or upload an image. You do not have to have a call to action, but if you do choose to have a call to action, you need to have one labelled with a link. And then finally, you can determine where you’d like to have this lay on your floorplan. 

I want to create another title sponsor, and I want this to look like it is a photo image on my floor plan, like it’s a piece of the floor. So, I make sure that I have my outside banner image built to my unique floor plan specifications. I also need to have a static image on the inside pop up and a link for where I would like guests to go. And then finally I select a location on the floor for the banner.

The amount of banners that you have on your floor plan may exceed the amount of banners your individual plans with Remo may allow. For questions on how to add more then your plan allows, contact

Here, I’ll select where I would like it to go and then click save sponsor. 

And now when I save and close, I now have an event that is customized to my needs.

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