Remo 201

Learn how to enhance your events with a tutorial of each of the tools inside Remo. Take your events to the next level!

*NOTE: We recently unveiled our new branding and pricing, and are in the process of updating these videos to reflect this. So, while some of the layouts and colors look different, the functionalities remain the same.

Lesson 6: Agenda & Run of Show


These features allow you to create your Agenda and Run of Show in-app so that your guests can easily view what is next and your team can coordinate faster to facilitate the event. 

To find the Agenda in your events settings, click the Agenda tab, and it will be empty. Start by clicking add new item, create the title of your Agenda item, how long you wish it to last, and then choose a color indicator. Color coding helps organize your event by item type, such as breakouts, speaker sessions, networking, etc. And finally add a description of the Agenda item or what action your guest needs to take.

When you click save item, your new Agenda item will appear. The system will automatically calculate the time based on your event start and selected duration of the Agenda item.

To create the rest of your Agenda, just click, add new item and continue with the same process.

If changes need to be made to your Agenda, you’re able to move items up or down, and you can add a new item in between currently existing ones. The system will auto adjust your timings.

To create the Run of Show, you must have an Agenda built first.

The Run of Show is a shortcut for you and your host team to be able to manage your event from the front end. 

The Run of Show lets you type announcements in advance that will be needed during the event. And, provide notes to your team to coordinate event facilitation.

From the Run of Show tab, you can set timing reminders to start presentations, stop presentations, play videos in presentation mode, remove video from presentation mode, or add new notes. These items do NOT start automatically in your event. Run of Show serves as a master control panel to help stage manage your event effectively. Your Run of Show is broken into sections attached to each Agenda item that you had created.

Once you have finished creating your Run of Show, close the box and hit the “save and close” button. This will take you into your event’s front end. 

The Agenda will be displayed on the top white bar indicated by the calendar icon, visible to all hosts and guest. They can open and scroll through to see your full Agenda. The movie clapboard is the Run of Show icon, and this is visible only to hosts inside the event.  

The Run of Show is set on live mode, but we do realize that sometimes keynotes run long or other things need to change when you’re rehearsing or live! Select Edit Mode and you can modify immediately. For example, you can just add a new announcement, then modify the time, click save action, and the new announcement will populate in its place on the timeline.

Click back on live mode to execute actions. Once the action has been completed, you’ll see a check mark to indicate it has been done.

The Run of Show and the Agenda icons are visible in both conversation mode and in presentation mode. When in presentation mode, click on the clapboard and you can execute actions from the Run of Show or from the control buttons on the host toolbar. Since I built the command in the Run of Show, I can end presentation mode from here or from the host toolbar.

And this is how you use the Agenda and the Run of Show to facilitate your events.

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