Remo 101

Learn the basics of setting up your first event, step by step, with our Remo Event Expert.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS TRAINING PROGRAM: We recommend that you view these videos* in order (rather than skipping around.)

*NOTE: We recently unveiled our new branding and pricing, and are in the process of updating these videos to reflect this. So, while some of the layouts and colors look different, the functionalities remain the same.

Lesson 11: Account Owner Tab

Please note with our updated pricing structure, the Account Owner Tab video below does not cover Guest Days settings at the moment. For questions around Guest Days, please check out our related help articles or contact our Support team.


Account owners are the highest level of team member access to Remo. They are able to control company information, update the plan and billing, assign team members, redirect the exit page, upload floor plans, manage white-labelling, and Single Sign On.

To access the Account Owner tab, navigate to the settings tab by using the three hamburger lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and select account settings. Once inside the settings, the Account Owner will see more tabs and will be on the landing page for the company. This is where the owner will be able to update the company name and set the company thumbnail photo (we recommended 1080×1080 p and 1MB for the file size).

Next is one of the most important features – assigning Team Members. Each plan allows for a set amount of Team Members, which can be Managers or Assistants. The information popup will show how many your plan allows and this number indicates the plan max as well. The number to the left will show how many slots have been used.  Account Owners do NOT count against this total. 

To add Team Members, click the button and type in the exact email that the Team Member will  use to access Remo and select the access level. 

An Event Manager has the next highest level of control in an account. They can create and delete events, they can see/modify all the events in the account and download recordings, but they cannot see things in these tabs. 

Event Assistants are the next lower level of access, they are able to manage only those events to which they are assigned. They cannot create or delete events. They cannot see events that are inside the account that they are not assigned to, and they cannot download any recordings. They are able to modify and manage their assigned events in the same way an Owner or Manager can. 

All 3 Team Member types are labelled as Hosts in the event, and will receive the star on their avatar. 

When assigning an Event Assistant, choose which events in the account they are assigned to. 

Managers and Assistants can have permissions deleted by the Account Owner at any time. When a Team Member is added, the number will reflect the addition. And, when a Team Member is taken away, it will reflect the subtraction. 

Whitelabelling Custom Domains. The event URL can be changed from to a custom domain on certain paid plans to further your company branding. We have provided a link to walk through this in more detail.

By clicking this blue box, paid plan owners can remove Remo branding and icons, and replace it with the company’s thumbnail logo assigned at the top of this page.

And finally, with certain paid plans, guests can be redirected to any external website of choice when they use the “quit event” button inside the event. This redirect will be the same for ALL of the events in the account, and cannot be customized uniquely per event. If not modified, guests will be directed to the default Remo page listed here.

Under the Plan tab, Owners can self-service modify and update plan and billing information. Here, the plan can be upgraded or downgraded, billing history can be viewed, payment methods updated, and subscriptions cancelled.

Although there is a space for updating the account information, we do ask that you send an email to to change any of the owner details, and any of the company information that is listed here. We also ask you to send an email if you’d like to have a one time upgrade or downgrade for your account for an event.

Custom Floor Plans are a distinguishing feature of Remo and Owners will be able to upload plans in this section. More information about how to create a Custom Floor Plan is available at this link as well as in our Remo 301 Masterclass – Creating Custom Floor Plans. We have Custom Floor Plan Designers available in our Remo Marketplace as well. 

Remo supports SAML Single Sign On which can be configured in this tab. Information that is required to configure your SSO is inside of this blue information prompt.

If you have questions about SSO set up, please send an email to, and we’ll be happy to help.

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