20 ChatGPT Prompts to Promote your Next Event!

No one can deny the significant transformation the events industry has undergone over the past few years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down! Technology has played a key role in this transformation, shaping the way events are planned, marketed, and executed. ChatGPT, the latest tech trend, is poised to revolutionise the events industry by providing an innovative way to support event planners with hosting engaging online events.

In this guide, we’ve compiled 20 ChatGPT prompts that you can use to promote your next event. From social media marketing to influencer outreach, these prompts cover a range of topics to help you reach a wider audience, build buzz, and generate excitement for your next event. So whether you’re planning a virtual conference, a product launch, or a networking event, we hope these ChatGPT prompts will provide you with inspiration to promote your event and engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

General Prompts:

1. Which channel is the best place for me to market my event for {{Event Topic}} to encourage {{Ideal Attendee Persona}} to attend?

2. What kind of personas want to attend a webinar about {{Event Topic}}?

3. You are the event organizer for this webinar with a goal of {{Event Goal}}. Please list 6 creative ways to achieve this goal

4. What are some low-cost marketing tactics I can use to promote my event?

5. What are some effective email marketing strategies for promoting an event?

Email Templates:

1. Write an email template that invites people to register for {{Event Name}}. The event is aimed at {{User Persona}} and will cover {{Topics}}. The tone of the email should be {{Brand Tone: casual, professional, happy}}. Please include the below event details:
Event Name: {{Event Name}}
Event Timings: {{Start Time}} to {{End Time}}
Event URL: {{Link}}

2. Please write a last chance to register email for the same event? This email will be sent {{Hours}} before event registration closes.

3. Can you also write a post-event email for the same event that lets attendees know the event content is now available on-demand? The email should target both users that attended and those that registered but did not attend.

Social Media/ Ads:

1. Can you help me write social media posts for this event for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram?

2. Can you help me write three different Facebook ads for this event that appeal to three different personas: 1) {{Persona 1}}, 2) {{Persona 2}}, and 3) {{Persona 3}}?

3. Can you help me write three different LinkedIn ads for this event that appeal to three different personas: 1) {{Persona 1}}, 2) {{Persona 2}}, and 3) {{Persona 3}}?

4. Can you help me write three different Twitter ads for this event that appeal to three different personas: 1) {{Persona 1}}, 2) {{Persona 2}}, and 3) {{Persona 3}}?

Speakers & Sponsors

1. Can you suggest some keynote speakers for an event about {{Event Topic}}?

2. Please draft a Linkedin message to invite them to be a speaker for this event.

3. Can you please write a speaker bio for {{Speaker Name}}?

4. Can you list some potential companies I could reach out to to invite them to sponsor my upcoming event on {{Event Topic}}?

5. Please draft an email to send to a company to invite them to be a sponsor for this event.


1. Please suggest some ideas for how to market my event after its finished?

2. Please summarize the below transcript into the main key takeaways from the event?

3. Using the transcript, can you please write a wrap-up blog article about the event?

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